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A gamified community platform built for easy engagement.

Build and monetize engaged and loyal online communities through the power of gamification.

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An image showing's community dashboard.
An image GIF showing's mobile community view. It shows an user profile, community feed and profile customization.

Join 845+ organizations and 2000+ communities is rated 4.9 from 25+ reviews on Product is rated 4.9 from 140+ reviews on is rated 4.9 from 10+ reviews on Capterra.

" White-labeled community is the next big thing... "

" ... & Beam will never let you down in terms of its Attractive UI/UX, Advanced Gamification & Set of Community Management Tools. If you love Gamification and want to grow your brand [...], try using!"
A picture of Chaitanya Badave, one of's early adopters and supporters.
Chaitanya Badave
Founder, AgriHub & Buyorskip
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"This is exactly what we needed."

" The Beam team is easy to work with, helpful and professional. They listen, communicate and are dedicated to our custom project. Their product is exactly what we needed at MegaFans to begin building and scaling our own community of mobile esports players. [...] "
Profile picture of Jeffrey Donnelley, Founder CEO at MegaFans Inc.
Jeffrey Donnelley
Founder CEO, MegaFans Inc.
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"It all comes together!"

" helps connect with users in a novel way, get their feedback and also, build more products around their suggestions. Its simple UI makes playful interactions possible with users who ultimately prefer staying on sites longer than ever before. Polls, quests and forums - all come together to build an impressive online community! "
A picture of Dr Prem Jagyasi, one of's supporters.
Dr Prem Jagyasi
Founder CEO, Dr Prem & Associates, Dr Prem Web Magazine Network
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"Great product to beam information and work!"

" I bought the product Beam a Community Platform for my Africa Communities. This is a great product to beam information, education and work to all my fellow Africans. Customer service is great [...], they understand the needs for communities to be better and they have not stopped updating the platform. I call them my "light Beam"! "
A picture of Samuel Agbaluwa, one of's supporters.
Samuel Agbaluwa
MCT Training Consultant
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"Bringing our teams together!"

" Beam has been an integral part of helping ensure the team at Pearl Lemon is more connected. Beam has allowed a fun and simple way for our remote team to have more of a "water cooler" experience while being countries and continents apart. "
A picture of Lydia Sims, one of's supporters.
Lydia Sims
Operations Director, Pearl Lemon Group
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" Love at first site! "

" An incredible product! When I first saw it, I was mesmerized: beautiful 😍, and functional! [...] The team has been quick to take feedback given and they have made changes based on the positive feedback. [...] I am glad I am counted amongst their early adopters! 🚀 "
A picture of Shade, one of's early adopters and supporters.
Shade Odeinde
Founder Celibate Daily & Peacock Shades
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" Amazing app which is a super novel concept! "

" Beam will definitely impress your community and help it stand out in the sea of other boring 80s themed pages. On top of that, you are getting a superb supporting team who will go to any extent to solve any of your problems with the platform. What else do you need? You should definitely check out Beam and you can thank me later! "
A picture of Vivek Vijayan, one of's supporters.
Vivek Vijayan Parekkat
Founder & CEO, TinyChange Publishers
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Fully gamified.

From custom reactions and quests to profile rewards, our gamified features are designed for long term engagement.

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An image displaying different gamification aspects of the app. It shows user profile, user levels, user badges and profile quests.

Highly customizable.

A community platform that looks and works however you need it to.

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An image showing's customization options. It shows a view of the community feed with a customized banner and icon, and an option to pick the community's accent color.

Low admin work.

Auto moderation features for an easy and stress free admin experience.

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An image showing different community management features. It shows platform visibility options, word filter and content reporting.

Monetize your users.

Enable member subscriptions and start earning from your community.

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An image showing's mobile community. It shows the user profile, profile customization, user quests and post creation.

Powerful features that make sense.

Incentivize members, increase engagement, and grow a more active community as a whole.

Discussion Forums

The core experience. Engage your users through different post types and a robust text editor.


Better categorize areas of your community and choose who can view and/or access them.

Member Approval

Choose who joins your community and pre-approve users through a whitelist.

Content Approval

Control what makes it to the community feed through content approval and word filter.


Monetize your community and build more engaging relationships through member subscriptions.

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