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the online community experience.

About Us

Beam.gg is an online community management software with a mission to make communities more interactive, safe, and engaging. Our vision is a world connected through communities where people come together to find belonging and discover new experiences.

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Where we started

Throughout the pandemic, digital connectivity has played an increasingly important role in how we stay connected, and we created Beam.gg with that in mind.
In a time when people need solidarity, support, information, and empathy, we want to create new ways to maintain and grow the bonds of community even while people are physically apart.

Where we are now

Beam.gg is always growing and improving. We have a solid feature set with a big emphasis on gamification—and this is just the beginning. With the help of our customers and community members, we aim to shape Beam.gg into the ultimate online community management platform.

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Where we're going

Our main goal is to create environments where anyone, from any background, from all over the world can have a place where they can connect with like-minded individuals and share conversations. We aim to reach and support as many communities as we can, and build better online spaces for everyone.

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Our Office

The DMZ is a world-leading incubator for tech startups around the world

Our Team

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Jazz Prado

Marketing & Communications

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Danilo Diniz


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Kunal Dhawan