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Are you looking for a way to grab your community's attention and keep them engaged? If so, you’ll love's built-in gamification features.

As community owners ourselves, we realized that engagement is the number one problem when building or growing a community. People are often faced with the challenge of making the online experience more compelling and engaging, and while dozens of business articles claim that content is king, it can be easily overlooked if you don't have the right engagement strategy.

In this guide, we'll take a take a look at current gamification features. More specifically:
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(You can learn more about how gamification enhances your community’s experience by reading our blog article.)
Upvotes and User Reactions
You're probably already familiar with upvotes (widely known as "likes" in some social media sites), and also user reactions (emoji icons used to express feelings towards content). We have them on our platform too! But with a little something extra. allows community owners to brand their communities with custom reactions, so your members can express themselves the way you want them to!
  • Default Reactions
  • These are the standard User Reactions, available at every package.
Image showing default user reactions.
  • Custom Reactions
  • Custom Reactions are a great way to give your community a bit more flair with reactions relevant to your brand.
    (See the official Community reactions.)
Image showing custom set of user reactions.
We're still in the works of setting this feature up, but soon you'll be able to assign your own reactions through the Beam Dashboard. For now, please email us at to enable this for your community. Custom reactions are available for Professional and Enterprise plans.
XP Generation, Levels, and Ranks
Game elements like experience points (XP), levels, and ranks encourage participation and retention in a fun way. In our platform, members earn XP for completing quests or receiving reactions and upvotes on their content. The idea is to gear users toward positive feedback and promote interaction inside the community.

As you earn experience points you progress through the ranks, and the higher the rank the more profile rewards you get. Each user starts at level 1 and can level up to 99. For every 10 levels, you reach a new rank, which shows up on your profile.

In short, earning Experience Points grants you Profile Levels, and earning Profile Levels lets you climb through the Ranks.
Level Rankings:
  • Rookie: Levels 1-9
  • Novice: Levels 10-19
  • Trained: Levels 20-29
  • Skilled: Levels 30-39
  • Expert: Levels 40-49
  • Leader: Levels 50-59
  • Elite: Level 60-69
  • Champion: Level 70-79
  • Legend: Level 80-89
  • Grand Master: Level 90-99
Image showing Level Rankings badge progression.
User Quests
Quests are one of the main methods of driving engagement to the community. They add value by introducing new challenges and objectives, rewarding users with XP upon completion. They act as short and long-term user goals that incentivize participation.

New users also have access to the Rookie Questline, a set of quests that introduces the platform's features, while also guiding users to interact with the community. Rookie Quests are available for 7 days, and help you kickstart your profile with a sweet level boost!
Image showing quests list.
Quests are available on every community for all users, and are currently not customizable. You can access your quest board in your user profile. New quests will be added in future updates so stay tuned!
Profile Badges
Badges work hand in hand with quests to give your members that sense of achievement and competition. Not only do they increase member engagement, they also allow you to identify your biggest supporters, who are instrumental in keeping your community active and vibrant.

Members receive badges when they complete quests and make significant contributions to the community. Badges are displayed on the profile page, together with other elements like member activity, statistics, level, rank, and other member information. They’re aspirational, and they motivate members to work hard to get them.
  • Young Prodigy - Completed all Rookie Quests
  • Big Sharer - Submitted 100 posts
  • Vocal One - Commented 100 times
  • Highly Agreeable - Received 100 upvotes
  • Nice Reaction - Received 500 reactions
Image showing profile badges list.
Profile Upgrades
Profile Upgrades are used by members to customize their profile and express themselves within the community. It's akin to customizing your favorite jacket, or styling your online game character. The upgrades act as flashy embellishments, which encourage member participation by giving users a goal: to unlock a specific design that resonates with their personality.

Right now, we offer users two kinds of Profile Upgrades.
Image showing list of customized Avatar Frames.
  • Avatar Frames
  • Avatar Frames appear as a round border on a user's profile picture. Any place where the profile picture appears, the avatar frame will appear as well. Users are able to choose from a library of avatar frames, unlocked based on their current rank. There are also Animated Avatar Frames, unlocked at the final user ranks.
  • Profile Covers
  • Profile Covers appear as a banner at the top of the user's profile. They are like a welcoming mat to your profile page. Much like Avatar Frames, Animated Profile Covers can be unlocked when the final user ranks are reached.
Image showing list of customized Profile Covers.
Those are the gamification features currently available on We're always updating existing features and introducing new ones, so stay tuned to our newsletter and social media pages to know when new things are coming!

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