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Your online community is only a few clicks away. is a fully gamified online community platform, built to keep your users engaged.

An image showing's community dashboard.
An image GIF showing's mobile community view. It shows an user profile, community feed and profile customization.

"This is exactly what we needed."

" The Beam team is easy to work with, helpful and professional. They listen, communicate and are dedicated to our custom project. Their product is exactly what we needed at MegaFans to begin building and scaling our own community of mobile esports players. [...] "
Profile picture of Jeffrey Donnelley, Founder CEO at MegaFans Inc.
Jeffrey Donnelley
Founder CEO, MegaFans Inc.

"Love at first sight!"

" An incredible product! When I first saw it, I was mesmerized: beautiful 😍, and functional! [...] The team has been quick to take feedback given and they have made changes based on the positive feedback. [...] I am glad I am counted amongst their early adopters! 🚀 "
A picture of Shade, one of's early adopters and supporters.
Early Adopter

" is nothing like I have ever seen before"

" has so many possibilities. The interface is modern and the gamification features look really cool. I am looking forward to building thriving communities on beam! "
Bhavesh Dhaka
Early Adopter


" Finally an alternative for a group to interact that doesn’t involve Facebook and/or the niche knowledge of Reddit and Discord. With the bonus of gamification. This should be wonderful for my groups. "
Early Adopter

Build and customize.

Launch your community with our highly customizable builder.

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An image GIF showing's desktop community building process.

Keep users engaged.

Create meaningful relationships with powerful social tools.

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An image showing's mobile community. It shows the user profile, profile customization, user quests and post creation.

Manage and grow.

Get insights and see what's happening around your community.

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An image GIF showing's analytics screen and community manager.

Powerful features that promote safety and interactivity.

Gamify your community to create a compelling and engaging online experience for your users.

Custom Reactions

Bring a little bit of fun to your community feed


User participation incentives through fun and engaging objectives


Give your members that sense of pride and accomplishment

Levels and Ranks

Identify your community's biggest supporters

Profile Upgrades

Level up your profile with cool upgrades

And more...

Explore all helps you keep your community safe with powerful moderation tools, protecting your community from spam, abuse, and harmful content.

Audit Logs

View a record of all moderation actions taken on your community

Word Filter

Automatically censor specific words and from your community feed

Member Roles

Assign moderation and admin roles to your community users

User Reports

Involve your users in keeping your community safe for everyone

Platform Visibility

Choose between having an Open or Private Community

And more...

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Users can connect and keep conversations flowing with social features that encourage interaction and participation.


Create separate post feeds for specific topics and groups

Post Categories

Give users more control over what they see on their feed

User Polls

Engage in community voting with poll posts

User Mentions

Directly notify users in a post or a comment


Easily follow topics and join conversations you're interested in

And more...

Explore all also offers many more management and engagement tools, and we're always expanding our features list!

Platform Customization

Choose how you want to brand and style your community

Community Analytics

Monitor several metrics at once in a single dashboard

SEO Optimization

Boost your community's SEO through built-in optimization features

Community Level

Easily determine how engaged your community is

Team Access

Get your team involved in the community building process

And more...

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