's Biggest Update Brings Custom User Roles, Private Subforums, and Much More

Product Update

Our biggest update yet is here! 🚀

The Beam Team has been hard at work preparing our biggest product update release so far! On this update, we have packed multiple previously upcoming features, along with tons of user requests and much needed quality-of-life changes and improvements. So much so, in fact, that we might not even be able to cover all of the changes made, but we'll do our best to introduce you to the biggest ones. We hope you enjoy!

Custom User Roles 👥

When we set out to develop the Private Subforums feature, we wanted to do more than just slapping a password option into the subforum settings. And "doing more" is exactly what we did!

With Custom User Roles you can...

✅ Create and customize user roles by giving them a name, color

✅ Have granular control over platform-wide and subforum specific permissions

✅ Assign and revoke roles to users on the Community Manager

Private Subforums 🔒

This long awaited feature is finally here, along with other major improvements to how subforums exist in the community.

The subforums changes include the ability to...

✅ Create Private Subforums by assigning user role based permissions

✅ Further customize a subforum's look with an emoji picker and custom banner

✅ Set granular permissions such as Post Type, Anonymous, Posts, and Comments Submissions

✅ Change the display order of your subforums

Improved Post Categories 🏷️

Since we improved how subforums work, we also made improvements to Categories!

Post Categories now...

✅ Can be added independently to specific subforums

✅ Can have the display order changed

✅ Can be deleted

New Feed Filters 📄

This popularly requested feature gives both you and your community much more control of your community's feed.

Feed Filters let you...

✅ Choose the default view for your community's feed and comment section

✅ Filter posts on the feed and comments by Type and Time

Refreshed Community UI ✨

To give justice to the improvements we made on subforums and categories, we completely changed how they appear on your community.

The interface changes include...

✅ Brand new left menu navigation with subforums, categories, Rules and Guidelines links

✅ New Hamburger Menu for mobile devices

✅ Widened feed to improve readability

✅ "Read More" button on feed posts

✅ Breadcrumb trails for faster navigation between posts

✅ Fixed header navigation with "New Post" and profile buttons always available on all pages

✅ New "User Settings" menu

✅ Username Badges for Admins and Moderators

Cross-login/Users API ⚙️

A few users have requested us for a way to bring their own users into a community without requiring them to register to the community.

With the API you can...

✅ Bring users from an existing platform to your community without requiring them to register

✅ Read more about the API on the "Users API Documentation"

Other Changes 💪

As mentioned previously, we have made tons of changes and improvements all around the platform.

Those changes include...

✅ You can now change the Beam subdomain of both old and new communities

✅ Users can now change their Email and Password from their Profile Settings

✅ New "Backlink" option displayed on the new left navigation menu

✅ Granular control over platform permissions, including Post Type, Commenting and Anonymous permissions

✅ And more changes to come...

And we couldn't have it done without you! 🥰

Literally! Many of the changes and improvements we make along the way are only possible because of the feedback we receive every day from our users - and that means, YOU! We're confident this update brings us one step closer to reaching's true potential, and we truly hope you enjoy what we have prepared for you!

We are far from done, however, so please keep your feedback coming and look forward to new releases that we are already preparing for the future!

Much love,

The Beam Team ☄️

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