5 Qualities of a Good Community Manager

Community Building

The role of community managers are more important now than ever. With social media platforms and online communities growing into very important Marketing channels, brands now prioritize hiring full-time employees to build and strengthen customer relationships online. In fact, in a joint research report by Booz and Co. and Buddy Media, results show that 63% of social media teams already have a dedicated community manager, and 59% of them are looking to hire full-time community managers in the near future.

If you’re one of the many brands and organizations planning to hire someone to manage your online community, here are the top 5 qualities to look for.

Passion for community

I think first and foremost, a good community manager should be passionate for community. What this means is they have to understand that community is all about creating a safe space where people interact and form genuine relationships. As a community manager, you need to have a basic passion for people — helping customers build connections and understand the positive experience your brand aims to deliver. When you have this passion, it will make the job a lot easier and you’ll start seeing success in no time.

Strong communication skills

Of course, the person representing the brand should have strong communication skills at the minimum. Obviously, grammar and spelling errors are not good for any content related to your brand. But more than just being grammatical, having strong communication skills means being able to connect with your audience and understanding what’s relevant to them. Community managers should be able to effectively relay information, create snackable content, and manage any conflict or crisis inside the community.

Background in data analytics

As marketers, it’s very important to make data-driven decisions, and not just constantly rely on your gut. To achieve success in any kind of business, you’ll need to take some time to establish KPIs and plan your efforts accordingly. Are you trying to increase customer engagement? Is your content meant to drive awareness or sales? A good community manager should always be aware of your company’s goals, and know how to analyze data and sentiments to determine what’s working and what’s not. Of course, daily tasks will require some degree of personal judgment, but objectively measuring your metrics will definitely help you make decisions that are optimized to support your business objectives.

Solid understanding of your brand and industry

In many ways, the community manager is the eyes and ears of the organization. Online communities allow brands to listen to customers by becoming rich sources of market research. But apart from letting them feel valued and heard, customers expect to interact with someone who has a solid understanding of the brand, product or service, and the industry in general. You’ll definitely see how different the experience is when your community manager is a subject-matter expert. You know how some people talk very passionately about certain subjects and their excitement becomes contagious? That’s what community managers should strive for.


Hanging out on social media and online communities sounds fun, but it sure can also be exhausting. A good, level-headed attitude is a must for community managers. I mean, it’s the internet. Expect that there will be some situations, maybe even on a daily basis, when a member attacks the brand or other members of the community. In such occasions, it’s good for community managers to keep their emotions in tact and remember that they are moderators. Their response should put out the fire, not fuel it.

Of course, finding a good community manager is just one step. To get the best outcome, you have to equip them with the right community management tools — moderation is hard enough without the technical hurdles. Luckily, Beam.gg prioritizes features that promote community safety and encourage member interactivity, making it easier for community managers to do their jobs well.

Did we miss any important qualities? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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