5 Tips to Build Community Engagement

Community Building

Your new community website is up and customers are joining your platform. You sit in front of your computer and wonder, “Why is it so quiet?” How do you get members engaged and participating? Read on for 5 tips to build community engagement!

Find how you can provide value

Your members have a reason for joining your community. Whether it’s to connect with over shared interests, get answers to questions, or learn tips and tricks, find ways to add value to their day through your content and community!

Be responsive

As you manage your community, don’t forget to be responsive! It’s satisfying for members to be acknowledged when they do helpful actions, participate, or ask questions. Responding to your customers make them feel valued, seen, and heard.

Encourage participation and form connections

In a new community, members don’t know each other yet. Your brand is the common link between them and they’ll look to you for what’s expected. Send nudges their way to encourage participation such as preparing open-ended content and soliciting their ideas. Compose posts to share if momentum is low.

Another way is to form connections and introductions. Have a post calling new members to introduce themselves (you can even do this weekly!) and include an icebreaker question. This gives little tidbits of information that can form extra connections between members with similar experiences or opinions.

Deal with troublemakers

Troublemakers can quickly ruin the community’s mood. Make sure to watch for people who look to pick a fight, make nasty and hurtful comments, or spread negativity. Have clear community rules and deal with troublemakers immediately. Not only can these make the atmosphere tense and unpleasant, it also leads to less participation as members don’t want to be a troll’s target.

Create a fun and pleasant environment

Members won’t stay and contribute if doing so isn’t a fun and pleasant experience for them. Welcome new members, appreciate those who participate or share, and listen to feedback. Share community stories and celebrate wins together!

Remember to have fun! Your community website is not only a place to get information but a place people go to because they have fun and relate to the group. Find ways to balance the practical side of your offering with the fun side to retain, develop, and delight your community!

Just starting your community? Check out our Tips for Onboarding Customers and our guide to Getting Started with Beam.gg!

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