Building Our Momentum One Change at a Time

Product Update

Thanks for your support on our launch

Last May 18, we debuted on Product Hunt — the #1 community website curating and celebrating the best new tech products every day.

During the first few hours of the launch, we easily made our way to the top 10 and even remained at the top 3 spot for most of the day. We ended the launch strong at top 9 with around 250+ upvotes, 200+ comments, and a 4.9/5 rating on Product Hunt. We may not have gotten the coveted spot of Product of the Day, but we definitely saw a huge increase in our app signups, quadrupling our registered userbase in just 2 days.

Of course, we wouldn’t have done this without everyone’s support and kind words! Your upvotes and comments made such a meaningful impact in the success of our launch and the growth of our business. Thank you for sharing with your network and for posting on your personal social media accounts. Our team is very grateful for all the love. This win is as much yours as it is ours, and we hope you celebrate it with us!


Introducing Quests

Before our public launch, we made sure was worthy of your attention. It hasn’t been that long since we did a private launch in April. Since then, we’ve learned a lot and made numerous improvements in our app.

For a couple of months now, we’ve been setting the stage for our gamification features, and now with Quests, we’re really starting to gamify the online community experience.

Of course, before anything else, is an online community management software. We empower brands and organizations to build their own customized community site rather than host it on a social media platform. But what makes us unique (and we’re very proud of this) is how we gamify the online community experience to engage and excite members with playful user interactions. We introduce gaming elements like quests, user levels, profile rewards, and badges to incentivize members, increase participation, and grow a more active community as a whole.

We’ve designed Quests to be the main method of driving engagement to the community. Quests add value by introducing new challenges, where users get XP, rewards, and badges for completing them. They act as short- and long-term goals that overall lead members to participate in the community and gain a sense of belongingness and pride. They’re also very useful in introducing new people to your organization, and teaching them about your brand throughout the discovery process.

Right now, quests are live on every community. When new users sign up, they can head straight to their profile to view and start on all of their quests. We’ve even created Rookie Quests to help community owners onboard new members and ease them into using the platform.

Curious about how Quests work? Go ahead and check them out for yourself here!


A fresh new look

We know you’ve noticed something different about us lately, and that’s because we’ve actually revamped our look! We’re super excited (and a tiny bit nervous) about all the new changes. We just hope you like it as much as we do!

Some of our favorite changes:

  • We’re using brighter colors AND we have an updated logo!
  • A sleek new website designed to make it easier for you to navigate and find the information you’re looking for.
  • We’re re-envisioning our brand equity to Gamifying The Online Community Experience, because that’s exactly what our platform is all about.


What’s in the pipeline?

We’re always working to bring you the best version of Right now, we’re still in Early Access so expect a lot of fine-tuning. If you ever come across something broken or just a bit off, we hope you’ll let us know! Your feedback and bug reports help us keep running smoothly.

Soon, we’ll be rolling out some cool new features too like leaderboards, user subscriptions, and community stories, so stay tuned!

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