Gamifying the Online Community Experience: Profile Badges

Community Building

At its core, gaming is about competition — whether that’s against yourself or other people. It’s basically all about leveling up, trying to get a better score, finding the best loot, and, of course, collecting the most badges.

Badges work hand in hand with quests to give your members that sense of achievement and healthy competition. Not only do they increase member engagement, they also allow you to identify your biggest supporters, who are instrumental in keeping your community active and vibrant.

Members receive badges when they complete quests and make significant contributions to the community. Badges are displayed on the profile page, together with other elements like member activity, statistics, level, rank, and other member information. They’re aspirational, and they motivate members to work hard to get them.

Currently, these are the available badges on

  • Young Prodigy
    Completed all Rookie Quests
  • Big Sharer
    Submitted 100 posts
  • Vocal One
    Commented 100 times
  • Highly Agreeable
    Received 100 upvotes
  • Nice Reaction
    Received 500 reactions

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