Gamifying the Online Community Experience: Profile Upgrades

Community Building

Profile Upgrades are used by members to customize their profile and express themselves within the community. It’s like getting mods for your car, buying skins for a game character, or styling your favorite jacket. The upgrades act as flashy embellishments, which encourage member participation by giving users a goal: to unlock a specific design that resonates with their personality.

Right now, offers users two kinds of Profile Upgrades:

  • Avatar Frames
    Avatar Frames appear as a round border on a user’s profile picture. Any place where the profile picture appears, the avatar frame will appear as well. On user settings, members are able to choose from a library of avatar frames, unlocked based on their current rank. There are also Animated Avatar Frames, unlocked at the final user ranks.

  • Profile Covers
    Profile Covers appear as a banner at the top of the user’s profile. They are like a welcoming mat. Anyone visiting your profile will be able to see them. Much like Avatar Frames, Animated Profile Covers can be unlocked when the final user ranks are reached.

Profile Upgrades are available to every member, and can be obtained by completing quests, receiving upvotes and reactions, participating in the community, and doing other XP generating activities.

Enjoying our gamification series so far? Follow our blog for more! To kick off July, we’ll be talking about Upvotes and User Reactions and how they promote positive feedback and interaction inside the community.

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