Gamifying the Online Community Experience: Quests

Community Building

Introducing quests to your online community is a great opportunity to keep members active and engaged. As community owners ourselves, we’ve realized that engagement really is the number one problem when building a new community or growing an existing one. People are often faced with the challenge of making the online experience more compelling and interactive. No doubt, you’ve read hundreds of business articles claiming that content is king. And while that may be true, content can also easily be overlooked if you don’t have the right engagement strategy.

At, we’ve created Quests to drive more engagement to the community. Quests add value by introducing new challenges, where users get XP for completing them. They act as short- and long-term goals that overall lead members to participate in the community and gain a sense of belongingness and pride.

New users also have access to our Rookie Questline, a set of quests that introduces the platform’s features, while also guiding users to interact with the community. We’ve designed this to help community owners like you to onboard people to your organization, and teach them about your brand throughout the discovery process.

Right now, quests are available on every community. We’ve automatically set them up, so all you have to do is onboard members! When new users sign up, they can find a full list of their quests on their user profile. More quests will be added to our platform in the future so stay tuned to our blog for updates!

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