Gamifying the Online Community Experience: Upvotes and User Reactions

Community Building

You’re probably already familiar with upvotes (widely known as “likes” in some social media sites), and also user reactions (those emoji icons we use to express feelings towards content). We have them on our platform too! But with a little something extra. allows community owners to completely brand their communities with custom reactions, so your members can express themselves the way you want them to!

Reactions are a great way to bring life into your feed. The mission of creating custom reactions came from the team’s desire to provide a more personalized experience for online communities. Each community is unique in its goals, values, purpose, and needs. This is why we thought: why not let customers fully own their community and brand it the way they want to? And thus,’s custom reactions were born (together with our other customization features!).

Default Reactions

These are the standard User Reactions, available at all plans.

Custom Reactions*

Custom Reactions give your community a bit more flair with icons that are more relevant to you and your members. To give you a better idea, check out the official Community reactions!

*Custom reactions are available for Professional and Enterprise plans.

Intrigued? Build your online community now and get access to all of our features, including custom reactions — free for 2 weeks!

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