Introducing More Customization Options

Product Update

Last October was all about giving users more customization options in terms of branding, content, and user preference. We did this by introducing custom reactions, an enhanced text editor, and some quality of life improvements. Read it below!


Upload Your Own Custom Reactions

Custom Reactions has always been a part of’s best features. In fact, we pride ourselves as the only community platform to offer this. We give owners the chance to use their own user reactions to improve their community branding and let their members a little fun in the process!

Now, with the new changes to our app, there’s no more need for manual requests! You can now directly upload your own custom reactions straight from the Beam Dashboard!

How it works

To change the default reactions on your community, go to ⚙️ Platform Settings and select 💜 User Reactions. Choose which reaction you want to replace and click the ⬆️ upload icon to select the image you want to use. You can also change the reaction label.

Make sure you follow the recommended dimensions for custom reactions to get the perfect image!


Do more with your content

We’ve added several new formatting options to the Beam Editor so you can do more with your content! Our enhanced text editor makes it easy for users to create beautifully-formatted posts and embed media files in just a few clicks.

How it works

To format a post on, just highlight the text that you want to edit and choose an action from the toolbar. Here you’ll find a wide range of formatting options offered by the Beam editor.’s new text editor also lets you embed different types of media to your content to make them more engaging. Just click the 🖼️ image icon to insert files in JPEG, PNG, APNG, and GIF format. To embed online videos, just copy paste the link on the text box, and it will be automatically embedded inside the post.


Edit Subforums and Post Categories

Accidentally made a typo or changed your mind? No worries! You can now make edits to your Subforums and Post Categories from the Beam Dashboard.

How it works

Subforums and Post Categories are permanent and cannot be deleted, but you can edit them whenever you like! Just go to the Beam Dashboard and select ⚙️ Platform Settings. Here, you can edit your Subforum or Post Category name and save your settings. That’s it!


Declutter your inbox from unwanted emails

We know it can be a hassle to manage your inbox sometimes. (Trust us, we’ve been there.) And while the automated email notifications are valuable, receiving too many at a time can sometimes become inconvenient and even annoying.

We hear you! With the latest changes, you now have full control over which notifications you want to receive.

How it works

Simply log-in to your community account, click on the 🔔 bell icon, and navigate your way to the ⚙️ notification settings. And that’s it! You’ll have the option choose which in-app notifications and emails you want to receive, or disable all of them.


What’s next for

We’re nearing the end of the year, but we still have so many plans ahead of us! On top of our regular fixes and improvements, we’re working to bring you a Mobile Dashboard View, Single Sign-On, and Member Approvals — all this November.

Stay tuned on announcements by following us on our Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. You can also join our newsletter and community for exclusive updates!

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