Mentions, Hashtags, Pinned Posts, and more!

Product Update

This month, we focused on making a more engaging place. We did this by introducing more social features to our platform — like Mentions, Hashtags, and Pinned Posts. Keep reading to learn more!

Directly notify users with @Mentions

Tired of waiting for someone to notice you? Don’t worry, Mentions are now on!

Mentions are a way to directly notify users in a post or comment. Their main purpose is to get someone’s attention or show that you’re talking to them specifically. This makes the process of starting and joining conversations much easier!

How it works

Mention users by using @username or @firstname.

Type the @ symbol in the text box while composing a post or a comment. You’ll see an inline dropdown with a list of community members. The list of names will filter as you type more letters. Click to select a user at any time, or use the arrow keys to navigate with the keyboard.


Have you tried #Hashtags yet?

Easily follow topics and join conversations you’re interested in with Hashtags!

Hashtags are used to categorize keywords on This feature allows users to easily find information with a theme or specific topic. Hashtags are so effective because they filter similar content and make them even more discoverable. This is probably why hashtagged posts in social media get so much more engagement than those without.

How it works

Choose from existing hashtags in the community or create your own!

When creating new hashtags, simply type your #keyword/s, and it will automatically be added as a new hashtag in the community as soon as the post is published. Clicking or tapping on a hashtagged word will also show you the search results for all relevant posts.


Let’s put a pin in it, literally

When you’re posting something that deserves a little bit more attention, you’ll definitely want to keep that on top of your feed. And now you can with Pinned Posts on!

A pinned post is a status update (or any kind of post) that you manually select to stay at the top of your community feed, meaning it will not slip down the feed as you continue to add other posts. Pinning a post basically gives it prime real estate on a community feed that typically moves lightning fast.

How it works

To pin a post, just click on and select Pin Post

You can only pin one post at a time, and it will stay at the top of your feed unless you unpin it, delete it, or pin a different post.


Bug Fixes

Of course, along with our new features, we’ve also taken a look at some pesky bugs on the platform. Here’s a recap of our recent fixes and improvements.

🔎 Start searching posts on mobile again
The search function on mobile was briefly out of commission, making if a bit of a hassle to look for specific content and hashtags. These are working properly now.

Add editors to the Beam Dashboard with ease
Get your team involved in the community building process! Add editors to the Beam Dashboard just by typing their email. Editors will automatically have access to your community settings as soon as they sign-up.

✉️ Have the option to unsubscribe
We forgot to add an unsubscribe button on our transactional emails, which made it impossible for members to opt out from specific post notifications. Sorry about that! You’re now allowed to unsubscribe from a post’s email notifications.

👋 Say goodbye to spam upvotes
Before, spam clicking the upvote or downvote button would mess up the count on posts. We fixed this by adding a short loading state to upvote and downvote buttons so users can’t spam.

⚠️ See warning messages for banned and suspended accounts
Banned and timed-out users should now receive an email notification about the action taken against their account. They should also see a warning message upon log-in that their account is permanently banned or temporarily suspended.


What’s next for

Next month, we’ll be focusing on improving our Community Manager features. This is the community management dashboard, which allows community owners to view and manage member roles, monitor community activity, and moderate users and content.

Stay tuned on announcements by following us on our Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. You can also join our newsletter for exclusive updates!

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