New Month, New Us

Product Update

Just when you thought you already had all the features you need, we’re giving you more! Check out our product updates and see what we’ve been up to this month!

Manage your subscription in-app

You can now view, track, and manage your subscription in-app! Your subscription is managed through Stripe and handled directly with us. We partner with Stripe for safe and simplified billing.

From the Beam Dashboard, you’ll be able to cancel, change, and renew your plan, as well as visit the Stripe customer portal to:

  • See your current plan details
  • Manage your payment method/s
  • Update your billing information
  • View your billing history provides highly competitive plans that fit your budget and your company’s needs. Choose a plan that’s right for you and your community here.


Get someone’s attention with @mentions

Tired of waiting for someone to notice you? Don’t worry, @Mentions are coming to really soon!

Mentions are a way to directly notify users in a post or comment. Their main purpose is to get someone’s attention or show that you’re talking to them specifically. In our next update, you can start mentioning your friends using @username!

How mentions work

Type the @ symbol in the text box while composing a post or a comment. You’ll see an inline dropdown with a list of community members. The list of names will filter as you type more letters. Click to select a user at any time, or use the arrow keys to navigate with the keyboard.

Mentions will work within posts and comments. mentions


Bug Fixes

Have you ever come across something broken or just a bit off with the Beam Dashboard or your community site? We hope you’ll let us know if you do! Your feedback and bug reports help us keep running smoothly so you can focus on managing and growing your community.

Here’s a recap of our recent bug fixes and improvements:

🛠️ Fixed “Plan Details” and “Update Profile” buttons
Some buttons on the Beam Dashboard Overview tab were briefly out of commission, making if a bit of a hassle to navigate to our Subscription and Profile pages. These are working properly now.

Added “Submit” button on Image Posts
We forgot to a submit button on one of our post categories, which made it impossible for members to create Image posts. Sorry about that! You can submit Image posts now.

👋 Say goodbye to spam submissions
Before, spam clicking the submit button would send out comments and posts multiple times. We fixed this by adding a loading state to the submit button so users can’t spam.

💬 You can now view comments and replies in real-time
Tired of constantly reloading to view new content? We hear you! Comments and replies now show up instantly, no need to reload.


Coming soon

Next month, we’ll be launching Mentions, Hashtags, Pinned Posts, Single Sign-On, and more! Stay tuned to our Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts for any announcements. You can also join our newsletter to get exclusive updates on!

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