Thanks for a great year!

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Following a year spent apart, we all worked together to find new ways to connect, start new communities, and celebrate wins in 2021.

Some of the best parts of our year have been the opportunities we’ve had to connect with our customers — whether that’s hearing your feedback on new features, helping you with your community, or learning more about your business. We’re honored to serve such a wonderful community of users, and we hope to continue being part of your journey in the year ahead.

In case you missed anything, let’s take one last look back and celebrate some of our highlights in 2021.*myaK5CFE1Twc9h-ScYFnEQ.png

We have been absolutely overwhelmed with all the support we’ve gotten from our community this past year. Not only did we see a growth in our number of users and communities, we also saw a lot more people joining the Beam Community and working together with us to create the best online experience.

It’s not really a secret that is still in its early stages, but we have A LOT of plans ahead of us (check out our roadmap!), and we’re very excited to keep improving our product in 2022. We treasure each one of you for giving us a chance and believing in’s potential as much as we do!

Of course, we also want to celebrate all the new changes to this year. As most of you know, is a product-first company, and we’re constantly deploying new features and enhancements to enrich our product and create a better user experience.

Check out our favorite ones here 👇*uBrPVPHwCgrE495CpjcLWg.png

And this only scratches the surface of what our team can accomplish. We hope to continue getting your support as we enter a new year. We’re excited to keep improving and looking forward to a happy and productive 2022!

Cheers, Team

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