We're Building in the Open

Product Update

Thanks for your feedback!

We have been absolutely overwhelmed with all the support and reviews we've gotten from our community this last month.

It's no secret that Beam.gg is still in its early stages. Releasing Early Access is a way for us to receive constant valuable feedback, collaborate with our customers, and keep our end-users in mind at every step of the development cycle.

We already have a great amount of ideas from our community, and now we're taking it one step at a time, starting with bug fixes. We appreciate everyone's patience as we work hard to deliver the best online community experience!

Here's a recap of what we've done in September:

💻  Removed member limit on Beam Dashboard

Yes, you can have unlimited members on your community! Our dashboard used to say otherwise, but we've fixed that now.

✉️  Fixed an issue on account verification

We heard some users have been having a hard time verifying their accounts. We've taken a look at the issue, and you should be able to verify your account faster and more seamlessly now.

✏️  Enabled editing of Subforums and Post Categories

Accidentally made a typo or changed your mind? No worries! You can now make edits to your Subforums and Post Categories from the Beam Dashboard.

🔃  Fixed issue with infinite loading during Community log-in

We're aware that some users have experienced being stuck on the loading screen when attempting to log-in. This is now fixed.

⏲️  Increased loading speed when browsing on communities

We've increased the limit of concurrent connections allowed on our server, which should significantly improve loading time for users browsing on Beam communities.

⏭️  Fixed Community onboarding profile picture Skip and Back buttons

Some buttons during account creation were briefly out of commission, making if a bit of a hassle to navigate through the community onboarding process. These are working properly now.

🖼️  Added support to change images while editing a post

We support editing file uploads now! If you accidentally chose the wrong image to go with your content, you can easily change that by editing your post.


We're building in the Open

We're also very excited to be building in the open! In line with our goal to collaborate more with our community about enhancements to the Beam.gg product, we also want to be very transparent about where we are in our journey, and all the exciting plans we have ahead of us.

We want to keep sharing our progress because we're learning so much along the way! So many of you have participated in product discussions and continue to help us shape the future of online communities.

Check out Beam.gg's Roadmap and join us in gamifying the online community experience!


Have you noticed our revamped website?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve given our website some much-needed love and attention. With the surge of new customers coming in, we figured we'd throw in some improvements to enhance your browsing experience in our landing pages as well.

We’ve added more subpages to expand the information available on our website. With our new Pricing page, you can easily make plan comparisons and view payment FAQs. We also dedicated a page to our Features so you can have a better understanding of all the things you can do with our product (and even see it in action!).


We've moved our blog back home

We have very exciting plans for the future of the Beam Blog! Some of the ideas we had in mind, however, aren’t quite possible with the platform that we were using. This is why we decided to rebuild from scratch and move it over to our main website on beam.gg.

We gave it a brand new look that matches with the Beam style. You'll also see 3 different post categories, which are Product Updates, Community Building, and News and PR. With the freedom and flexibility provided by building it ourselves, we’ll be able to do so much more as time goes on.

Come visit our new blog at beam.gg/blog!


What's in the pipeline?

We’re always working to give you the best version of Beam.gg. On top of our regular fixes and improvements, we're working to bring you an Enhanced Text Editor, Single Sign-On, and Member Subscriptions.

Stay tuned on Beam.gg announcements by following us on our Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. You can also join our newsletter for exclusive updates!

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