We’re Reintroducing Our Community Manager

Product Update

This month, we focused on enhancing our community management dashboard, where community owners can view and manage member roles, monitor community activity, and moderate users and content. We did this by improving our member reports system, audit logs, and word filter tool. Keep reading to learn more!

Customizable Word Filter

Keep your members happy and engaged by blocking profanities and inappropriate content in real-time, before it goes live! Our Word Filter tool is customizable and automated for hassle-free user protection.

How it works

Word filter is a moderation feature that censors specific words from posts and comments within the community site.

Simply add the words that you want to be removed from user-generated content, and our program will automatically replace those words with asterisks in a sentence. You can choose to upload your own list of banned words and/or use Beam.gg’s default list.


Real-time Audit Logs

See a list of all the moderation actions taken on your community. We’ve built real-time audit logs to support admins and moderators in trouble shooting issues and ensuring accountability, security, and compliance across the community

How it works

To access your audit logs, simply navigate to the Community Manager. Here, you’ll see a list of all the moderation actions taken on your community platform. More specifically, you’ll see the:

  • Name of the admin or moderator who did the action
  • Action taken against members or posts
  • Timestamp of when the action was done

Audit logs are accessible to admins and moderators only.


Seamless Reports Management

Get the seamless reports management experience you deserve. Using our enhanced Member Reports dashboard, you’ll be able to see content violations from members of the platform, and respond to each one accordingly.

How it works

Member Reports allow users to report content that violate community rules and guidelines, including spam messages, misleading information, and offensive content. Admins and moderators can view and manage these reports by visiting the Community Manager.

To take moderation action on a report, simply select the item and click the appropriate action button:

  • Warn: Sends out a warning notification to a member for breaking community terms and/or rules. This does not prevent them from continuing to access and use the platform.
  • Ban: Permanently takes away a member’s access to the platform and all of its features.
  • Timeout: Temporarily takes away a member’s access to the platform and all of its features.
  • Ignore: No action will be taken against the user.


Improved UI and UX

Along with our newly implemented features, we’ve also taken a look at some enhancements we can do to improve our user interface and experience. Here’s a recap of what we did.

👤 Member Roles

  • We reviewed the privileges granted to members, moderators, and admins, and made a few changes to differentiate each role better.

📘 Audit Logs

  • You now have the option to undo actions on audit logs to republish posts and unban members
  • We’ve applied community accent colors on more elements in the dashboard
  • We’ve fixed some pesky text misalignments for better readability

🏴 Member Reports

  • You can now hover on action buttons to see what they do
  • Similar with audit logs, we’ve made some fixes on text alignment here
  • You can now filter reports to see which ones are pending and which ones have already been resolved

✳️ Word Filter

  • You can now upload multiple words and variations in batches
  • We’ve added a search bar feature to prevent duplicate entries on the tool


What’s next for Beam.gg?

For some time now, we’ve been talking about implementing Member Subscriptions on Beam.gg to help owners monetize their community. Implementing this also gives members a way to support communities, and receive special perks and incentives in return. It’s a major feature we have lined up in our roadmap, and we’re really excited to have it on the platform soon!

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